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We provide effective tools to assess employees, so that they achieve good performance and obtain the best results.

360-degree Feedback

360-degree Feedback

  • Getting to know the 22 basic skills of an individual with a leadership role We have obtained the
    Management Research Group ( certification, which enables us to administer the 360-degree Feedback. This assessment is made online and allows to gauge the 22 basic skills of an individual in a leadership position.

  • Recognizing and promoting strengths
    Employees who take part in the assessment may objectively see in the results the consistency or gaps between the different views of each of the skills. Their strengths as a leader are identified, as well as the skills which should be developed to perform his or her tasks more efficiently. The assessments are made by his or her boss, peers, and by direct reports against self-assessment.

    Based on that information and when the results are informed, an action plan is developed.

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TDA (Team Diagnostic Assessment)

TDA (Team Diagnostic Assessment)

  • Assessing the team in a systematic, comprehensive manner, and gauging their strengths
    We obtained the Team Coaching International ( certification to administer the Team Diagnostic Assessment (TDA).

    With this assessment it is possible to know in detail the basic skills of the team to attain better performance, understand its operation, and obtain better results.

  • The key points in the assessment
    The key points are productivity and interpersonal relationships/work environment and the skills involved in it. Based on this information, an action plan is developed.

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Hogan Test (Potential Assessment

Hogan Test (Potential Assessment

  • Gauging development possibilities and the potential of an employee in a growing organization
    We have the global certification to administer the Hogan Test ( With this test, the employee may gauge his or her development possibilities and potential within the organization.

  • Discovering one’s own abilities
    This assessment makes it possible to identify an individual’s main abilities in a normal work environment and to understand how his or her responses are modified in stressful situations or under pressure. This is how values and interests are identified, and the individual is able to see if he or she is compatible with what his or her company offers.

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Our remote services

Having the technology needed for remote communication enables us to offer remotely the same services we provide in our headquarters. The content, manuals, and techniques used are the same as in our onsite programs.