/ Career Transitions

We provide external and objective assistance in the context of unexpected changes in the working environment, in order to help individuals to open new roads in the short or medium terms.



  • Providing job search tools for an ideal and prompt transition to a new job.
    Through the individual service of our consultants, and as part of a comprehensive counseling process, each participant receives proven tools in a “one-to-one” process.

  • A program developed by experts
    The program includes group activities on matters related to job search, developed by professionals of each industry.

  • Fostering development
    During the program, participants can freely access our Intranet (BMyA portal and Club BMyA in LinkedIn), our coaching handbooks with proven search methods, and our offices.

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  • New horizon
    Retirement (or pre-retirement decided by the company) entails deep changes in the morale of the individual undergoing the situation. This is because they might feel they are no longer productive. Even though they meet the requirements to retire, they are still young and want to feel included in the social and working environments.

  • A program to create a new life plan
    Designed for individuals facing retirement to create a new life project (such as a new undertaking, teaching-related activities, volunteering, etc.).
    During this process, the support of a coach specialized in career transitions allows the individual to face the situation with new goals, clear action plans, and updated information.

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Expatriate Services

Expatriate Services

  • Attaining a successful integration
    The lack of a social and cultural integration of expat spouses in their new environment, is one of the main reasons why an expatriation experience might fail. This program facilitates their inclusion and promotes their productivity in the adaptation process.

  • Individual consulting services
    This program serves as guidance and offers the necessary information to attain successful adaptation, enabling the spouse to properly integrate with the environment, whether from a professional, business, or volunteering point of view, which in turn will result in a positive impact on the expat.

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Day of Notification Support

Day of Notification Support

  • Making a delicate issue easier
    An employee redundancy meeting is always a difficult situation to go through. The program provides support for executives for notifying the employee, by offering various communication techniques, emotional support, and a compassionate understanding of the difficult nature of the circumstance.

  • Conveying confidence and transparency
    The program is aimed at protecting the personnel being made redundant, by avoiding improvisation, misunderstandings, impracticable promises, and a poorly-led meeting. The individual leading the meeting is coached so as to allow him or her to show confidence, understanding of others’ emotions, and to be able to provide the necessary information and clear and planned logistics.

  • Generating empowerment
    This counseling provides a space for reflection and planning, which will foster a highly participative environment promoting dialogue, the exchange of ideas, agreement, and certainty regarding the next steps.

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Entrepreneurship Module

We facilitate the decision, selection, and commissioning of independent projects
Faced with the possibility of starting a new activity as an entrepreneur, an exhaustive preparation is needed that will translate into a successful and sustainable project throughout time. In this module, our business consultants offer individuals who want to develop an entrepreneurial activity the necessary tools for their projects to be feasible.
]We also provide social security advice for people who are not only defining a new project, but also a new road in their personal lives.

Planning a successful business
Through the preparation and discussion of a rigorous business plan, the individual can go deep into the different commercial, financial, administrative, and legal aspects of the business to secure better venture feasibility.

Our remote services

Having the technology needed for remote communication enables us to offer remotely the same services we provide in our headquarters. The content, manuals, and techniques used are the same as in our onsite programs.

We offer
Programs which are identical to onsite programs
 | Real-time advice with the assigned consultant
 | Possibility to connect to all workshops
 | Unlimited access to Portal BMyA and Club BMyA