Employment Transitions

When unexpected changes occur in the work routine, it is important to have external and objective assistance from a professional to help the individual open new roads in the short or medium term.

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  • * Outplacement
  • * Employment Reconversion
  • * Employment introduction
  • * Venture Module


Leadership Development

We provide individuals and/or teams the necessary tools to be able to address, interpret and resolve different situations effectively; by addressing problems, recognizing possibilities for action and allowing the deployment of their own skills.

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  • * Individual Coaching
  • * Team Coaching


Skills' Assessment

We offer companies tools to assess each of the skills, in order to achieve good performance and the best results.

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  • * Individual 360°
  • * TDA (Team Diagnostic Assessment)
  • * Evaluación de potencial (Hogan)

About Us

We offer organizations professional services which support individuals to successfully go through the change processes in the work environment, within a context of respect, quality and professional ethics.


We are a company with exclusive dedication to employment transitions, the development of professional careers and management of critical situations.


Consolidate local leadership of BMyA® and expand our services in the regional market, distinguishing ourselves for the quality and ongoing updating of our programs.

Our experience in handling complex situations lets us successfully address the resolution of interpersonal conflicts existing in organizations.